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Monday, 24 April 2017
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CentER for the Study of Industrial Society - Deutsch-Britische Stiftung Für das Studium der Industriegesellschaft CentER, at Tilburg University, is an internationally oriented research institute, covering all research fields in economics and business administration, and providing intensive graduate programs in economics and management.


Cicero Foundation is a Dutch NGO that actively supports European Union enlargement. It organises high level seminars on EU-related subjects. Lectures are freely available online.

Cicero is a Policy Jobs Institutional member and a member of Policy Library .


CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis was founded in 1945. Its first director was Jan Tinbergen who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1969.
CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis makes independent economic analyses that are both scientifically sound and up-to-date, and relevant for policymaking in the Netherlands.


Globus is the competence center of Tias Business School at Tilburg University for multidisciplinary research and teaching in globalization and sustainable development. Founded in 1998, Globus aims to be a platform for critical debate among researchers, educators, executives, administrators, politicians, and other interested parties. Globus initiates and organizes research projects, courses, conferences, symposia, and lectures. Research results are published in international scientific journals, in books, and as reports in a special Globus series.

Globus focuses on the impact of globalization on business and society and the consequences for sustainable development. Globus searches for innovative answers to the challenges that the interplay of globalization and sustainable development presents. Globus' main purpose is to promote high quality research and teaching, both at the national and the international level.

The issues of globalization and sustainable development are related to many complex areas of policy and can therefore not be studied or solved within separate disciplines. This is why research, teaching and other activities at Globus are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach.  


Institute for Labour Studies OSA, an independent Dutch institute for multi-disciplinary labour market research was founded in 1983. The main mission of OSA is to collect and disseminate strategic expertise on labour market issues as a solid basis for policy preparation and policy evaluation. The focus of OSA is on applied labour market research.


Netherlands Institute of Human Rights,SIM was established in 1981. The institute aims to serve as a centre for human rights studies. It conducts and promotes research projects, and collects relevant documentation on international human rights issues with an aim to enhance and distribute the knowledge on human rights procedures and practices.
SIM is a research institute of the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University. All research that is conducted within the Faculty resorts under the G.J. Wiarda Institute, the Utrecht Institute for Legal Research. The research institute consists of four sections, including a section on human rights. This section is associated with the School of Human Rights Research and with SIM. SIM's director, prof.dr. C. Flinterman, acts as chairperson of this section.


The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) was originally set up in 1972. The Council especially concentrates on developments that will affect society in the longer term. Policy areas like health care, transport and communications, education call for decisions that will determine the shape of society for decades to come. Such decisions require a well-balanced picture of the future. Thus, the Council seeks to explore new problems, to analyse existing problems as a coordinated whole and to outline new perspectives and possible solutions for government policy. By pointing out the uncertainties at issue and the consequences of the various options, the quality of decision-making can be improved.


Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu Having evolved out of research institutes backing up Health Inspectorates in the Netherlands, the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) now has responsibilities regarding governmental policy-making and supervision of public health, nature, and the environment.


Tilburg Institute for Social and Socio-Economic Research is a research institute at the Department of Sociology of Tilburg University. TISSER carries out both fundamental and applied research. Main research topics of the institute are: labour market, social security, European Value Studies, income distribution and poverty, justice and solidarity, pensions, ageing, health and social care and panel methodology.
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